Dear Miss Millionaire

WELcome miss millionaire…

Hi, I’m Cori. I help go-getter women get “Miss Millionaire” confidence and visibility.

Following your dreams takes courage.

I know that putting yourself out there online can be scary and hard.

Creating videos and being on social media can be overwhelming.


I also know that having support and guidance from an experienced coach can make all the difference.

(Because sometimes those closest to you will not understand what you’re doing).

I work solely 1:1 with private clients who want to feel confident being visible online.

Creating impactful social media and videos for your service-based business has become the most powerful way to reach your audience and get your message across to them.

But not every entrepreneur already knows how to create a great video or how to feel confident pushing that “go live” button on Facebook.


Feeling confident affects every area of your online business:

  • You want to have more impact in the world and feel such a strong desire to get your message out that you can help your clients
  • You definitely want to create more money but when it comes to confidently selling your services, suddenly you have a lot of doubts and fears
  • You want to create videos for your business but you’re “too….” something … too young, too old, too skinny, overweight, don’t have the right hair, don’t like makeup, etc. etc. A lot of excuses come up for you and you don’t seem to ever push “record”.
  • You want to feel productive and accomplish a lot in your business but also want a freedom-based business that gives you back your time. So you put off creating those videos or being live … again.

Imagine if you woke up 3-months from now with YOUR DREAM LIFE …


  • Your day is booked with amazing clients from all over the world who love working with you in your coaching or consulting programs.
  • You’re doing meaningful work that makes a huge impact and creating transformation in the lives of the women you work with.
  • Your week is planned to give you the perfect balance between work, fun and freedom.
  • Your bank account is full and your programs and packages consistently bring you the income you need to fulfill your dreams and desires.
  • You have time for family, friends, yoga, green juice and fun…because your life is designed the way you want it to be.


You fear that you don’t have the courage to go for your dreams and you lack the support that inevitably comes up when you’re doing something new.

You struggle with being productive and focused, without being overwhelmed and scattered by trying to cram too much into your day.

You don’t know how to be visible online to easily attract clients, press and thought leaders who seek you out for your input and opinions.

You struggle with how to design and start a successful, sustainable business plan that supports your ideal lifestyle.

You’re not sure how to Identify your gifts and strengths, and learn how to run a business from your unique genius and purpose.


I work with a limited number of clients each month through application only.  Please apply below.