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What’s your money story from childhood?  What did you learn about money as you were growing up?

Some common childhood money tales are:
Money doesn’t grow on trees
You have to work hard for money
Rich people are greedy
What’s your money story now?
Some common adult money tales are:
Money doesn’t grow on trees
You have to work hard for money
Rich people are greedy

Have a look at the tale you’re telling yourself about money, business, success, entrepreneurship, investing and glamour.     What are the negative thoughts, feelings or beliefs that you have about any of those topics?   What are the ‘family stories’ … the places where you’ve learned ‘that’s how we do it/think it/say it’ in our family.    It’s really important to dig deep and uncover as many of the unexamined ideas you might have about money…that’s step one.   Step two is to release and clear the ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you.For example…let’s say you believe “you have to work hard for money”.   That’s a fairly common belief many people have…earning money is hard, difficult or a struggle.   But what if it wasn’t.  What if your belief was that ‘money flows to me easily’.  Money comes to me quickly and easily.  Money is easy. Better, right?So how do we get there?

Step One is to identify the stories, situations and feelings you have associated with ‘you have to work hard for your money’.  Take some time and write out in detail all the times in your life when you ‘know’ this was true for you.   Write down all the negative moments in your life that you can think of connected with this idea.   Go back thru your childhood…was this a phrase that your parents repeated to you in certain situations?  What were those situations, specifically.   Imagine being back in that place and time and feel how you felt to be told those words.   ‘You have to work hard for money’.

Step Two is to release those old ideas and clear them out of our systems.   Once we’ve identified old, negative thought patterns and clearly looked at them from our current perspective, we have to challenge them.  See them in the light of reality and ultimately let them go, since they really don’t serve us any more.

Techniques to try:

1.  Cutting the Cord – visualize a cord running from you to your belief.   Close your eyes and use your hand to swipe thru the imaginary cord, as if you are chopping it in half.  Use an affirmation, like “I’m no longer attached to this belief”

2.  Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique – look on You Tube for any of the many videos with step by step instructions on EFT.  This is a wonderful technique for releasing any negative beliefs and emotions you have.   You can also read The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner for more details about how tapping works and lots of scripts to use while you’re tapping.

3.  The Forgiveness Mantra – This technique is based on a Hawaiian forgiveness technique called Ho’oponopono and I’ve learned this from one of my mentors, Denise Duffield-Thomas (click to go to Denise’s free ‘Money Blocks’ webinar)  Go thru your stories about your limiting belief…’you have to work hard for money’ and say these words afterward:
Thank You.   I forgive you.   I’m Sorry.   I love you  
Repeat them over and over until you feel a gentle release and shift about the negative belief.

4.  Create a new positive mantra or affirmation.   Something like ‘Money is now coming to me quickly and easily’ or ‘Money is starting to flow to me easily’….a simple sentence you can use daily/hourly/whenever you need it when you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with work, or stressed out about working hard.   Make it your reset sentence, to calm your mind and find a more peaceful place to do your work from.

Do you have any techniques for releasing old ideas, thoughts or negative beliefs about money?  I’d love to hear about them…please share them in the comments below!



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