A truth is a truth is a truth.

Here’s my simple and straightforward success tip for you today … get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

My 18 year old nephew is living with me while he goes to college.  (Some of you might be thinking, oh boy … you’re in trouble now Cori …. lol)

It’s actually going really well … he’s a great kid, and we’re having fun together.  Plus he likes to cook, and when I cook, he does the clean up.   What more can you ask for!

His college program is tough … it’s a highly regarded music program, and his teachers are constantly pushing them to learn new skills, to get better at their craft and to be better performers.   He’s loving it but it’s not easy, even though he’s a really good musician.

We were having a chat a dinner the other night (my turn … new recipe) and he dropped this little truth bomb  … ‘I’m realizing that the way to get ahead in this program is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable’.

The day before, I had returned from New York City, where I attended the first session of the high level mastermind I joined this year.  In all honesty, I was wiped out when I got back … it was a great session, but I sure got uncomfortable there.

I had to agree with my nephew, because I know that being in this program is going to stretch me, help me grow and ultimately help me take my business to the next level.  With a company called “Dear Miss Millionaire” I have pretty big dreams for myself and for my clients.     So yeah … I’m getting comfortable with getting uncomfortable too.

It really doesn’t matter where you’re at in your life, learning to deal with new challenges, uncertainty, disruption and change is all part of the deal.   Starting off in college, starting in a new job or starting a new business … it’s going to be uncomfortable at times.  The sooner that you can accept that and actually look forward to that feeling (because you know it’s a signal that means you’re growing) the faster you’re going to get your business to the 6 or even 7 figure level, if that’s what you want.

My success tip for today is simple … get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

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