Money blocks and understanding your mindset around money are a hot topic these days. And one of the most important ways to clear out your money blocks is by digging into your family history around money!

Of course, opening up the door to your past can be potentially uncomfortable and even painful. But it still needs to be done because it holds the key to so many of our current, misdirected ideas about money.


Just think for a moment about growing up with the thought “there’s never enough money”. Can you see how that would colour your world. You wouldn’t put an emphasis on saving, or investing because your programming would still be “there’s never enough”. No matter what you did, your default mode of thinking would be “there’s never enough”. Or you would take actions, like spending instead of saving, to keep this statement “true”. You’d be programmed to sabotage yourself by making sure that whatever amount of money was coming into your life was “never enough”. That’s the power of a money block.


We learn the “rules” about money from our family and our family experience of money. In my family there were plenty of money “truths” that we always said, like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “you have to work hard for money”. As a child, I didn’t ever question these statements. They just became part of my thoughts and language at a very young age. What I didn’t realize at the time, that these statements were actually creating a money block.

We usually learn about money when we’re young and very impressionable – usually 8 – 10 years old, or younger. At that age, we don’t have the ability to filter any of these statements. We just accept them as true, without questions, because they usually came from our parents.


Imagine for a minute if you had grown up with a different idea. That “there’s an abundance of money/clients/business and enough for everyone. That would create an entirely different mindset and approach to life, don’t you think. Or what if you told yourself every day “there are so many clients out there that adore me, I have to turn people away everyday”. Talk about setting yourself up for success!

The good news is as adults we get to choose. Become aware of what old programming is going through your head. Take a minute to ask yourself – it that really true? I’ve found this to be such a simple and powerful question to ask yourself. Look for and dig out those money blocks and eliminate them.


What did you learn about money as a small child that is still colouring your thoughts and beliefs around money today? If your mom or dad spent too much … look at your spending habits. Do they mirror that behaviour in any way? If your parents always saved and never allowed any indulgences or investments in themselves – how is that experience reflected in your life? Take some time and really go deep with this question – write or journal about it if you can..

Look for places where you’ve believed a negative statement for so long, without ever questioning where it came from or why you believe it.

Question it. Question it all!

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