Do you have a millionaire mindset?

If you’ve come across this blog post, chances are you’re interested in making more money in your business and creating a life of abundance and prosperity.

My question for you today is this…

Have you cultivated and created a millionaire mindset?

The mindset of a person who is committed to creating a million dollars of income in her business?  Or is your mindset one of doubt, worry and fear?

One of my mentors told me a story about reaching her first $100,000.00 in her business, several years ago. Although she was incredibly proud of her accomplishments, she realized she wanted more – to create a business that reached and served more people. But she realized that she really didn’t “think” like a millionaire…in fact she realized her mindset was in the gutter, consumed with worry, doubt and fear.

She was intimidated by that amount of money and it brought up resistance to creating more income in her business. She had a lot of doubt and fear around creating that level of income.

The very first thing she did was to work on upleveling and uplifting her mindset…to begin to think, act and approach her business from the attitude of a millionaire. Asking herself continually, “If I were a millionaire right now, is the way I am acting right now, the way that I would be acting and thinking? Or would I chose something different?”

Perhaps you desire to have a million dollar business, but that feels years and years in the future. Maybe your first $100,000.00 year also feels like it’s in the distant future. Maybe you have doubts about whether or not you can actually accomplish either financial goals at all.

If that’s the case, the first thing you can begin to do is to start working on your mindset. You don’t need any fancy equipment or technology to get busy working on your millionaire mindset.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and answer these questions to get you started:

  • How does a millionaire think about wealth versus poverty?
  • How does a millionaire treat the money coming into her life?
  • How does she treat her bank accounts, her credit cards, her investments?
  • How does a millionaire start her day?
  • How does a millionaire view hiring team members and assistants to help her in her business?
  • How does a millionaire think about new challenges or difficult situations?
  • How does a millionaire view fear?
  • Do you think a millionaire has a ‘lottery’ mentality or an ‘action’ mentality? What kind of mentality do you have?
  • Do you have high expectations for getting wealth or low expectations for wealth? Are you up for the challenge or not?
  • How does a millionaire think about self-care, proper rest, and nutrition?

Begin to work on the mental game of upleveling your mindset and managing your fears and doubts around creating money.

The truth is, we all have doubts and fears about our ability to create successful businesses…and right now I see and hear more and more people expressing their fears and letting their doubts take over.

It’s time to take back some control and focus on your strengths. Focus on where you are heading and not what you’re afraid or worried might not happen. Focus on the good that your business will bring to your clients and customers. Focus on the contribution you are making to the people who are hiring you.

It has been said that mindset work is 80% of your success as an entrepreneur. It’s critical to master this and build your millionaire mindset.






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