Learn the ‘secret sauce’ for every creative project

September was a whirlwind month for me. Here are some highlights (and learn the secret sauce for every creative project)!

First, I took a trip to Montreal to work with my coach and fellow colleagues. Of course it wasn’t all work. I have many good friends in Montreal, that I met when I lived and worked there while working on “On the Road” a few years ago. It’s such a vibrant, fun city. If you haven’t been, put it on your bucket list! You won’t be disappointed. Montreal is like a ‘mini-Paris’, and we all know how much I love Paris!

My second highlight is my trip to the Emmys Creative Arts award ceremony in Los Angeles. I was nominated for a costume award for my work on Fahrenheit 451. I created this video to share valuable insight about the “secret sauce” behind every great film project, creative project, or creative business.

Check out the video here now!

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