The Law of Action

1.  Get clear on what you want

2.  Strengthen your belief that you can do it

3.  Get resourceful.  Ask a better question “What can I do to create “X” (whatever you want)”

4.  Take action (even if it’s a baby step)

Sometimes life sucks….big time.

Maybe right now.   You’ve got a problem or problem(s).   And all that you can do is think about “X” problem/situation/challenge…whatever it is.

Please understand this very important fact about life … thinking about, focusing on or discussing, deliberating or stressing over your problem will never bring the solution.  It will only bring you more of your problem and more stress.

What is the opposite of your problem?

Good….now focus on that.

That’s step 1 (see above) – Get clear on what you want.   Phrase it as a positive affirmative sentence.

Really step up and get clear about what you want … and think of nothing else but WHAT YOU WANT.

Ignore what you don’t want.

The purpose of life is being – as opposed to not being.  Never give consideration to things you do not want to happen – Jack Boland

Miss Millionaire Manifesto for Success

Miss Millionaire Manifesto for Success

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