After I finished high school I went off to study fashion at University.  I had been a life-long designer, sewer and I loved fashion, so I thought it was going to be the perfect thing for me.

It wasn’t.

I struggled a lot, especially with sketching and drawing, and I finally realized that being a fashion designer wasn’t my thing.   Which was fine, but it left me with a bigger problem.   What was my thing?

I had to start making some money to be able to pay rent and live on my own, so getting a “job” became priority #1.  

The first job I had was boring and mundane…but I worked with some great people and started to learn a bit about business.  I was also exposed to advertising and marketing and found that part of business really fun and exciting.  

The second company I worked for was Estee Lauder Cosmetics … a great learning experience.  Cosmetics, beauty, travel, glamour, entertaining and excitement … plus long hours for not much pay!   I worked my way into the marketing and advertising department and was introduced to a television commercial studio for the very first time.

That changed my life.   

I remember the feeling the very first time I stepped into a dark, hushed studio. I felt excited and part of something mysterious and exotic.  

My heart told me that this was the place for me.

I’ve followed the path of clothing, costumes, film and business for a long time … allowing my heart to be my guide to the next interesting stop.

And now, I’ve switched gears again, as I launch my coaching business.  My best business and life skills … mentoring, guiding, listening, connecting, advising, being intuitive and seeing the ‘big’ picture are perfectly suited to my work as a coach.  

As you can see, my career path didn’t take a straight line and I’m happy about that.  There have been many twists and turns in my life that I would have never been able to forsee if I hadn’t followed my heart.    

Let yourself take the next step in the direction of what interests you.  Explore it a bit … see if what you “think” a career or business is all about is really true, and if it will be true for you.  Then take that next step.   Adjust as you go along. Follow your heart.  Don’t be afraid to make changes, take risks and completely change direction if necessary.  It will make for a much more interesting life if you do.  

If you want to support along the way, let’s connect.  I mentor and guide young entreprenuers along their path to success … in business and life. 

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