Getting on camera and being on video is one of the absolute best things you can do for your online business.

But what if you’re not really comfortable with video or lack the confidence to really be visible online?

I’ve talked to many women who have a great message, are 100% solid in their coaching or consulting business, but who are really scared of getting on video. They don’t feel confident on video at all, even though they know it would be ideal for their business.

Looking good on video or Zoom calls is the “technical” part of the equation and I wrote about how to improve how you look in this post. (Click here to read)

Feeling confident on video is the “emotional” part of the equation and I wanted to share some tips today to help you get visible and be more connected with your online audience.


Often clients tell me they’re afraid of “what so and so will think” if they’re on video. It could be a colleague or business connection, a friend or family member but more often it’s a vague “they” or “everyone”.

When you are speaking on your video, just imagine you’re talking to one person … a person who likes and supports you and enjoys listening to you. Pick one person only and talk to only them.


Every actor I’ve ever worked with spends a lot of time learning their lines, rehearsing their scenes and practising.

So should you.

Don’t expect to do one take and get it perfect. Rehearse what you’re going to say at least 10 times before you hit that record button. You’ll get used to getting the words out and see where you stumble or feel awkward.

Even better, practise in front of a mirror and pretend the one person you’re speaking to is you.


When you’re first starting to do online videos, practise and film yourself by yourself. Practise alone. You don’t need anyone to give you tips or advice when you’re starting … you just need to get some rehearsal time in and the least intimidating way to do that is to practise and record yourself by yourself.

The great thing about our digital age is we can record on our computer, camera or Iphones as many times as we like until we’re comfortable and we can easily delete all the practise tracks.

So don’t hesitate to record a lot of bad takes.


Give yourself permission to do a lot of “bad takes” … but let’s not call them “bad”. Let’s call them practise.

Don’t make a difficult situation worse by adding any kind of judgement on yourself. Let’s agree that we’re beginners and we’re learning.

There aren’t any “bad takes” when you’re learning a new skill … so re-frame that negative mindset to “practising”.


Create an outline for what you want to talk about, whether you’re going live on Facebook or recording a video that you’ll upload to Youtube or IGTV.

You’ll feel more prepared and confident and you’ll keep yourself on track. I suggest having 3 main talking points for your video that you can feel confident expanding on while you speak.


If you’re doing a video as a way to attract new clients, dress the part. It helps a lot with your confidence if you feel good about the way you are dressed and groomed. It doesn’t have to be fancy or extravagant, just something that you feel good in and are comfortable wearing. I promise you’ll feel more confident on video if you spend some time and attention on your appearance.


Here’s the most important tip of all … people often forget that the reason they’re doing a video or are on social media for their business is to communicate a message. Someone out there needs to hear what you have to say, and your message is for them not for you. Take the focus off of you and put it on the person who really needs to hear what you have to say. The person that could benefit from your coaching or consulting, or your products or services.

That person will miss out and continue to struggle if you don’t help them, so think about them and not about you.  There is no such thing as “perfection” when it comes to video … each time you do it will be a bit different and that’s okay. Avoid striving for perfection because it doesn’t exist.


Your energy and vibration need to be amped up a bit on video. You’ll need to be in a positive and energetic mindset and speak with a bit more animation than you might normally talk. Emphasize your words a bit more, be a bit more bold with your gestures. Change the tone and pitch of your voice … don’t speak in a long, boring monotone for the whole video. You might also want to speak a bit faster than you normally do and with a lot of energy and passion.

At the same time, be relaxed when you’re speaking. Breathe normally … don’t hold your breath. Remember that you’re just talking to one person who really needs to hear what you have to say and relax as if they were a good friend.


Smile and look friendly while you’re on video. Have a little twinkle in your eye. You’ll connect with your audience and might actually have some fun in the process. Smiling will naturally help you feel more relaxed and confident while you’re recording your video.

I hope these tips will help you feel more confident on video.

If you have any questions or need more help, please let me know in the comments below.

Or sign up for a call with me and we can discuss how to effectively use video for your online coaching or consulting business.



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