To Dazzling yourself with your Success!

Does this sound familiar to you?

My client Kelly was an ‘ordinary woman’, with not so ordinary dreams. She had big dreams for a much better life … one that was fulfilling, where she could feel like she was making a difference in the world and also make a great living doing what she loved.

But she didn’t know how to make it happen and often felt confused, overwhelmed, anxious and actually a bit depressed because her dreams seemed really unattainable and far away.

When we met she was struggling to find meaning and purpose in her life, and wanted to escape her stressful corporate 9 to 5 job.

Kellymwas afraid of really committing to her dreams and becoming the person she said she wanted to be. It was so much easier to just go along with the “status quo”. To remain safe, secure and comfortable. (and by the way, if you struggle with this too, just know that’s not your fault … that’s the state that your brain actually prefers! Your “primitive brain” does it’s very best to keep you exactly where you are right now … but more about that later).

She realized that she needed a different mindset if she was going to actually do what she kept saying she was going to do. She had to stop lying to herself and make a commitment. She had to get rid of her negative fear-based thinking … but she knew she couldn’t do it on her own. She needed support and a mentor to help her.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because… Many times in life we wait until it’s almost too late.

I am here to tell you there is another way.


DAZZLE YOUR LIFE is a 90-day career and life coaching program designed for amazing women like yourself who know they’re meant for more in every area of their life, but just can’t seem to make progress in the direction of their dreams.

You will get unstuck from a ho-hum life and get over all the self limiting nonsense that goes on in head by learning how to manage your brain and the thoughts you think on a daily basis.

Be prepared to “Blow Your Own Mind” … with the success and life changing results you will create in the next 90 days. You’ll never settle for boring, basic or ‘less than’ ever again.

Imagine if you woke up 90 DAYS from now with the LIFE of your dreams…

  • You’re pursuing a new exciting career in the entertainment, fashion or other creative industry and you’re developing the creative skills to do work that lights you up and excites you
  • Your week is planned to give you the perfect balance between work, fun and freedom because you finally understand how a calendar can be a beautiful thing
  • Your bank account is growing and your finances are finally moving in a positive direction. You and money have started a new relationship and it’s filled with love…not hate
  • You have time for family, friends, yoga, green juice and fun…because your life is designed the way you want it to be.
  • Your life is a shining example to your family and friends and they’re proud of you and your accomplishments.
  • You’ve tackled a big goal, like a relationship or weight loss issue and made real progress towards changing your future for good


You fear that you don’t have the courage to go for your dreams and you lack the support that inevitably comes up when you’re doing something new.

You struggle with negative and self defeating thoughts, usually on a continuous loop and you don’t know how to break this pattern.

You don’t actually know how to dream or what it is you truly desire, because you’ve given up hope that you’re ever going to get there

You think that you’ll never be able to have what you want because of  ____________ (fill in the blank)

You’ve tried and failed before, so you’re quite certain that it’s not possible for you to have what it is you want. (In fact … it’s quite possible. I’m going to show you how, once you learn how to manage the thoughts in your brain, the feelings those thoughts create and the actions you take so you can get the results you actually want)

Dear Miss Millionaire


Hi, I’m Cori. I coach ambitious, creative women who want a creative career and a life that lights them up.

I know the struggle, the heartache and the pain of wanting so much more from life, but feeling trapped by ‘circumstances’. By feeling that big things are for other people …. I know that following your dreams takes courage, because sometimes not everyone close to you will understand what you’re doing.

I know that taking a different path in life can be hard, lonely and a struggle. I also know that having support and guidance from a mentor can make all the difference.

I know how much creative energy and passion can be generated when two people put their collective energy together and focus on an idea with soul.

That’s why I created my signature

life coaching program

 “DAZZLE YOUR LIFE”, so you can overcome these obstacles and get going on your BIG dreams

over the next 90 days.

Who is the “DAZZLE YOUR LIFE” program for?

aspiring service-based entrepreneurs

You’re an aspiring service-based entrepreneur (e.g. relationship coach, fashion stylist, wedding planner, nutritionist etc.) and you’re thinking about starting in an online business, but so far you’ve just created an expensive hobby for yourself. You’re afraid to take the leap into being an entrepreneur.

entrepreneurs running a business

You’re already an entrepreneur running you’re own business but it seems like your life is missing. There’s no time for family or friends, and exercise seems like a thing of the past. You traded a job for your business, but you’re considering giving it all up because it’s just too hard

fed up Corporate Workers

You’re currently in a corporate job that you feel fed up with. You have your eye on a career in an exciting industry like entertainment, fashion, design or some other creative business but you have no idea how to get started or what to do first

What You’re Going to Learn

This program is customized for each woman and her unique situation. My approach is holistic and well-rounded, and we’ll emphasize the areas that are most important for you to work through.

1. Lifestyle


  • Become clear on your specific money desires so that you know exactly what it takes to live the lifestyle that you desire
  • Get more confidence, more clarity, more visibility to attract the career of your dreams
    Confidently take big and inspired action each week instead of living in fear over every decision
  • Learn how to get the results you want in life and understand what is actually holding you back from getting what you want



  • Learn the most important skill you’ll ever learn – how to manage your mind.
  • The Self Coaching Model Tool will teach you the skill of paying attention to the thoughts and feelings that drive all your actions and results
  • Learn how to negotiate all of life’s circumstances … get the tools to deal with difficult relationships, stop buffering with overeating, overdrinking, overspending or other “over-doing it” activities

emotions and feelings

  • Learn the difference between feelings and sensations
  • Understand how you can create the feelings you desire
  • Learn the 50/50 framework for managing feelings 
  • Learn how to eliminate emotions like overwhelm, confusion and worry that don’t serve you at all



  • Learn how to develop a “Successful Woman Mindset” to achieve your dreams, desires and goals
  • Bust through negative thoughts and learn simple techniques and tools to change your mindset instantly
  • Understand the science of success and how your brain actually works, so you can use brain chemistry to manifest and attract what you want

4. wealth and money


  • Break free of your money story and develop your wealth consciousness
  • Attract and build the wealth you desire (finally!)
  • Live your authentic life (this means being able to travel, shop, and live on your terms instead of counting every penny)

Money Mindset:

  • Learn about your personal money mindset
  • How to heal your relationship with money and the limiting beliefs you have about money
  • Create a Money Breakthrough Action Plan to achieve your goals

5. personal mastery


  • Prioritize your self-care and personal wellness so you have the energy and peace of mind to accomplish your goals
  • Get out of overwhelm and develop habits to create peace and ease in your day
  • Put a healthy Miracle Morning plan in place that includes everything you need to maintain your happiness


  • Understand how you stand out and what makes you unique and attractive to the people you want to work with
  • Create your business to go where you’re wanted, not just where you’re needed
  • Inspire other women by becoming a success story and leader in your field

The DAZZLE YOUR LIFE 90-Day Program Includes:

90 Day Individual Success Coaching Program

Customized Resources & Recommendations – Throughout the program I will send you worksheets to complete as needed, as well as other resources, articles, referrals and recommendations for books.

12 x 45 minute Coaching Sessions

Twelve 45-Minute On-line Video Coaching Sessions – deep transformational coaching each week to work on your thoughts, feelings and desires

Welcome package

Welcome Workbook specifically crafted to help you get clear on your goals and on what you want to accomplish in the next 90 days and beyond – so that our time together is laser-focused on getting you the results you want

Orientation Program Workbook

You’ll receive this immediately when you join and will begin working through my process for preparation and completion, to create a new foundation to start your new business and life. You’ll clear the energy leaks of old tasks and unfinished business

Raving Reviews

Cori Burchell is an amazing coach and mentor. When I started working with Cori, I was focused on creating consistency in my business, while upgrading my lifestyle and working on my beliefs and mindset. Cori is amazing at blending designing my ideal lifestyle and business, so that you are creating a structure for your life that excites and lights you up.

I’ve seen my business grow, my lifestyle improve and my ability to take consistent action ramp up over the course of our sessions. Cori also introduced me to a morning routine that has changed my life and resulted in me starting my day in an inspirational way. Cori is truly a triple threat coach when it comes to improving your mindset and money beliefs, creating consistency in your business and upgrading your lifestyle.

Kalyn R

Business Strategist + New Mom

Cori helped me build my confidence in just one session. She gave me the tools and insight I was looking for. Coaching with Cori is empowering and heartfelt.

Julia E

Health + Fitness Coach

I met Cori at a time that I was stressing very much about a photoshoot in Paris. I really was nervous about getting everything looking just right because it was Paris! I signed up for an intensive with Cori and we spent half a day together. We met on Skype for the intensive and it was phenomenal and very in-depth. I was able to enhance my brand and message to my clients when I communicate. She pays attention to details and I cannot encourage you enough to jump on working with her.

Lorna S

Health Coach

This program is perfect for you if…

  • You’re ready to stop living life by default and want to design life on your terms
  • You want to get out of overwhelm and learn simple and doable steps to make your dreams a reality
  • You want to know how to identify your gifts and strengths, and learn how to live life from your unique genius and purpose
  • You’re ready to move past fear, worry, doubt, or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success
  • You want to claim your worth, earn more money and have a great career

This program isn’t for you if…

  • You’re looking to stay in a victim mentality, blame others for your lack of results and not take responsibility for your own life and success
  • You’re not interested doing the work necessary to create change and transformation
  • You’re not willing to take new advice and implement new strategies

Now, you have two choices…

Playing it safe won’t get you closer to your dreams … you need to take a leap and dive in big time with heart and soul. I can tell you as someone that took the leap and continues to leap even today, that it is worth it. When you let go of the fear, worry, doubt and confusion you’ll see the path clearly so that you can make a difference in the world. You’ll become an example of what is possible and inspire others to go for their dreams too.

So you can continue on the path you’re currently on, wishing and dreaming that things will get better for you OR you can take control of your life and get on the fasttrack to success in just 90 days!

Which will you choose?



How to Enroll:

1) Fill out the online application by clicking the button below

2) Schedule your Clarity Call to get all your questions answer and discuss your situation with Cori

3) Purchase your life-changing coaching package.

4) You’ll receive the Welcome Package to help you get even clearer on your goals and see results before we have our first call!

5) Schedule your twelve coaching calls

READY TO transform your life?