I used to hear those words hundreds of times every day as part of my former life as a ‘film-girl’. Those are the words spoken by the Director immediately before a scene starts. Usually the “and” is long and drawn out, followed by a short, staccato “action”.

No actual movie making happens before that word is spoken. There can be motion, busy work, preparation, adjusting, tension and laughter going on in the moments prior, but once the word Action is spoken, everyone gets down to ‘real’ business.   The business of why we are together, the business of creating a scene, the business of creating a movie. The business of creation.

In your life, nothing will happen without daily action either.

Do you ever stop to consider that the actions you are taking are propelling you along a certain trajectory, moving you forward towards a new reality or situation?

Hmmm….where is this action going to take me? What will I be creating by taking this action?

Think about what you did today. Break the day down into your daily actions and then project them forward a little bit. Do you like where these steps will take you? Is it the place you want to end up?

Goals, plans, ideas, and strategies are all fine….but only action counts. And every action counts, one way or another. If we’ve set into motion a positive action then the trajectory will be positive.  We can trust that we will eventually get to where we want to go. If not, we’ll carry along on a path that may not be the one that we consciously say we want to be on.

It’s really very simple to have a better life. You’re here….you envision a different life over there. To get there, take one new action in the direction of that life.

That’s it.

Really simple, really small …. just one tiny, different step. Don’t make it big and don’t think. Just do. Take a new action…right now.

What you will gain from your action step?

A sense of happiness, accomplishment, renewed energy and vitality, joy, love and more.

What you will lose?

Fear, dread, inertia, lack of confidence, depression and sadness.

Win win.


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