In recent blog posts I’ve been talking a lot about how my Coaching Math Formula can bring your life back into alignment and help you achieve your goals. Today, I’m going to show you how the Coaching Math Formula can help you to develop confidence in yourself and your business.

While I was talking with a new client about her “visibility” online she was saying how uncomfortable she feels marketing or selling herself. This is truly unfortunate because she’s a really great health coach and if there is any industry that needs more qualified and enthusiastic coaches, it’s the health industry.

If my client doesn’t learn to move past her fears, then no one will know about her, or her amazing programs, infectious smile and positive attitude.


As a result of my clients fear, her potential clients will almost certainly miss out on the incredible benefits of working with her.

Lives will remain unchanged and unhappy.

Health will not be improved.

Pounds will not be lost.

Strength will not be gained.

We’re working together on shifting her mindset.

Over our work together, she has realized that it’s actually not about her, it’s about her clients. By not offering her services and programs, she’s denying other people her much needed help.

Thankfully, my client is willing to dive in, get uncomfortable, and crack open her fears.


Feeling confident stems from our thoughts, and that’s the one thing we truly have the power to change. Our thoughts can be changed in an instant with a shift in perspective.

First, we have to understand why we are holding ourselves back. Second, we have to gain some confidence in the area that we feel afraid.

So, now the Coaching Math Formula comes into play!

Mindset, Courage, Action, Confidence, Cori Burchell


Confidence = Courage + Action

So, you have an action you want to take and you’re not confident you can do it. You must summon your courage, take a small action step, and then repeat. It’s the only way confidence is developed. Small steps often snowball into big results.

My confidence formula will help you learn to market yourself, play guitar, and speak in front of an audience. Personally, I’m gaining confidence doing Facebook Live!

This is how we have all learned everything.