I am knee deep in books at the moment … all kinds of books.

I decided that I needed to clear space in my home office and lighten up my bookshelves. It’s proven to be a bit of a difficult task because I love reading and I love books and I have a lot of books.

What I love even more is space … and I realized that my office needed some help. I was tripping over books, binders and papers on the floor and I couldn’t find any of the books I really wanted to read.

Everytime I went to my bookshelves I’d get overwhelmed and I wasn’t reading at all. I would just kind of skim the titles, looking for the perfect book … but then get distracted by having too many books to chose from.


Finally I made the decision to de-clutter the bookshelves and I set my goal to reduce the number of books I have by 50%. It wasn’t easy … I had to let go of some old classics, as well as acknowledge that there are some books that I’m just never going to get around to reading, no matter what.


Make sure you take everything out of your closet, cupboards, or off the shelves. This is a really important step if you’re doing any kind of physical decluttering in your home.

Even better if you can remove everything from the room that they normally belong in.

This is especially true for clearing space in your closet. Take everything out of your bedroom and into your living room or another completely separate room, with no connection to your bedroom or closet.

Once things are out of their “normal environment” you can have a look with a bit more objectivity and see things with less emotion and environmental connection.

It’s been just a few days and I’m already loving the open feeling in my office. I feel like I can breathe again and I’m enjoying the spaciousness of the room and the bookshelves. It’s been well worth it.


Clearing out your mind regularly is equally as important as clearing out any physical space, and that is what coaching does.

We haul everything out and take a good look at what is in there. When coaching clients, we start off by taking a look at all the thoughts with a thought download (see the video below). We examine the regular daily & habitual thoughts (that my clients think they have no control over), the good, the bad and the ugly.

Then we carefully consider what should be put back.

Questions to consider are:  Is this this a thought that still serves you? Is it time to let it go, clear some space and deliberately craft a new thought or belief?

Bookshelves should probably be done every month or so … but we need to clear space in our brains on a daily basis.

Check out this video about doing a “thought download”.  It’s one of the tools I recommend for coaching yourself and clearing space in your brain.

If you’d like some help to clear space in your brain and examine your beliefs, click below for a complimentary Mini Session with me.


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