Would you like to break free from the trap of worry?  

I’ve gotten older I’ve discovered that, horror of horrors, I’ve become somewhat of a worrier at times.

It’s human nature to find ourselves in the state of “worry” at certain times in our lives.

Maybe it’s a financial worry, a business worry or a relationship worry.   

But the truth is, worry is not actually a helpful emotion.  It’s time to learn how to break free from the trap of worry.

It keeps us stuck in a negative place, our heads spinning with a thousand “what if’s” and locking us into a negative spiral.  One of the ways that we sink into worry is by the questions we ask ourselves questions that are not actually useful or helpful … what if this happens, what if that situation arises, what if I can handle things, what if I can’t do it?   

In order to break free from the trap of worry, sometimes another person needs to tell us or show us how we’re keeping ourselves stuck, or limiting ourselves with a lot of negative thinking.   

If you’re in a state of worry or doubt or fear, my question to you today is – are you asking yourself questions that you don’t actually want the answer to?  

If so, you’re keeping yourself stuck in worry, doubt, fear and resistance.

Why don’t you try this: Ask yourself a better question, one that you do want the answer to.

How can I attract great clients?

How can I achieve my income goal this month?

What’s the best way for me to start my day?

Where can I find my next client?

If you ask yourself a question that you do want an answer to, one that is positive and keeps you moving forward, then eventually you’re going to get an answer.   

That answer will lead to an inspired action that will lead to the result you want.

If you’re truly interested in building a business and a life you love, you can’t afford to spend your time in “worry.”  Come up with some better questions for yourself and get on the path to your dreams!

Creating breakthroughs with my clients is the most rewarding part of transformational coaching…unlocking a simple switch in thinking that leads to huge breakthroughs in business and productivity!!

Do you need a breakthrough in your business and life?  Are you stuck in worry or another negative spiral and find yourself asking questions that you don’t want the answer too?

Let’s chat!  Click here and schedule a call with me today.  Break free from the trap of worry and start asking yourself much better questions.

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