Don’t you just love the word “Bliss”?  

For me, it conjures up images of beaches in Bali, green juice, yoga and endless sunny days.   (Maybe that’s because many of my clients and team members are either already in Bali or about to hold retreats in Bali, or want to travel back to Bali!)

How about you?  What does bliss look like and sound like to you?

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For many women, building a blissful business is the ultimate goal.  Having a business that connects with other people, offers a great service and allows for freedom to travel and experience everything that life has to offer.  

But for many women, building an online business is anything but blissful.  In fact, sometimes it’s the opposite of blissful… it’s stressful, worrying and filled with doubts and confusion.   Or it’s filled up with a lot of to do’s, details, lists and projects …but no clients.

Definitely not what you had in mind when you started.

What does it take to create a blissful business?   

There are 3 parts that you must get right if you want a 6 figure blissful business:  

  1. Mindset
  2. Branding
  3. Systems

That’s it.  3 Things.  

Of those 3 things, your mindset is definitely the most difficult to master.  It accounts for 80% of your success.   It’s your mindset that will decide if you’re going to follow the path of bliss and attract great clients, or if you’re going to sink into negativity and doubt.  Do you have support and accountability to keep your mindset positive and your vibration high?  Do you have a regular daily practise to keep focused and productive?   Or does your mind wander into overwhelm, negativity and procrastination?

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Secondly is branding, creating your vision, your voice and your visuals that are all working together in alignment.  Often professionals, coaches and consultants get one of these pieces wrong – not having a clear vision for their business, not using their own message or story to connect with their clients or, having really bad, boring branding that doesn’t stand out or make a statement.   That might have worked a few years ago when Internet marketing was just starting, but it doesn’t work now.   Your branding tells the story of your business when you’re not there…it’s speaking to your potential clients right now.  

And finally systems.   Not the most sexy topic, but certainly the foundation of your business.  If you don’t have the systems and containers in place to allow your customers to easily find you, buy your services and work with you – you’ll be running on empty pretty quickly.   Do you have a package to sell?  Does it make sense to your client?  Is it juicy and blissful?  Is there an easy way for your clients to pay you?  Do you have accounting and legal systems in place to protect yourself?

All of these questions can be boiled down in mindset, branding and systems.   If you need help with any or all of them, let’s chat! >>