I’ve come up with a new concept that I wanted to share with you called “The Coaching Math Formula”. It’s all about how to regain balance and live in alignment with your higher purpose.

What does it mean to be balanced and living in alignment?

Balance is an interesting life concept and also a bit of a misnomer, because I don’t think it really exists! Or at least not in the way most people think about balance.

Often when people talk about balance, as in work life balance, they think that it means they should spend a certain number of hours each day working. Then they should spend that certain number of hours with family, a certain number of hours focusing on self care, and a certain number of hours for fun or entertainment. What happens is you run out of hours, and you still try to cram everything into a day or a week. This type of thinking about ‘balance’ usually leads to burnout, which is not what we want.

The way I think about balance is that there is a certain flow to life and sometimes it’s just all about work. Or all about play. Or all about family.

The difference is how you feel when life is all work or all play, and whether or not you feel in alignment with what you’re doing. If you feel the actions you’re taking serve your higher purpose or calling then you’ll feel in alignment. Even if you end up working 12 hours a day for weeks, you’ll know you’re working in alignment with your purpose and still feel that your life is positive and balanced.

After that ‘season’ of work is finished, whether it lasts a day, a week or a year, then you’ll be ready for a ‘season’ of family or fun. And you’ll be present and in alignment with that new segment of your life.

The Magic Formula

There are two kinds of situations in life. The first is when things are going well, we’re feeling great and life is good. I call that being in alignment with your life. The second situation is the opposite, we’re trying to ‘do it all’, feeling tired, run down, and like we can’t keep up.

The question is, what is a sure fire way to regain alignment in our lives when we feel out of control?

Here’s where the Coaching Math comes into play.

When I was a kid I loved school. I was a fairly academic kid and I skipped ahead by doing 2 grades in one year. In fact, math was my favourite subject.

Yes, math.

I know that in the past, women have had a reputation for not liking math, but I really did. And not just any math, I loved algebra, which is all about balance and equilibrium.

There was something really magical about algebra to me. I could “see” the patterns, the formulas and how to regain balance in the equation. It was like I had almost a 6th sense about the answers. It was magic when I got the problems right quickly and easily. A friend of mine who is a high school math teacher feels the same way, so I know I’m not nuts!

If you’re a math geek like me you’re going to love it. But even if you’re not, stick with me here because it might just help you see things a little more clearly.

Regaining Balance and Alignment

When we’re in alignment life looks a little like the equation below:

(0) Balanced = + PS (lots of positive stuff) – NS (minimal amount of negative stuff)

When we’re out of alignment and we have an excess of negative influences or situations, life looks a little like this equation:

++Out of Balance = – PS (not enough positive/good stuff)  + NS (too much negative/bad stuff)

When we’re out of alignment, we need to re-balance the formula and make both sides equal again.

To get out of the excess negative the new equation is to double up on a positive force.

Desirable, balanced “life is good” state = +(add more good stuff) – (minimize bad stuff)

For example, if you’re after a healthy body, the Coaching Math Formula could look like this:

Healthy body = + (more nutritious food) + (more exercise) – (too much sugar)

If your business isn’t doing as well as you’d like, the Coaching Math Formula for rebalancing could be something less like this:

Unsuccessful Business = – (no profit) – (difficult clients) + (high expenses)

Successful Business = + (profit) + (great clients) – (low expenses).

Balance, Alignment, Cori Burchell, Success

The Key to Unlocking the Coaching Math Formula

Instead of thinking about the things you need to cut out or reduce, think about the positive things you can start doing. Focus on adding in the positive.

There is always going to be a limit to the “reductions” you can make, but there is never a limit to the positive additions.

Here’s one final financial example:

You can only reduce your expenses to a certain point. Even if you get your expenses to zero (which is kind of impossible), you can’t go lower than that. However, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make. You can always figure out a new income stream, a more profitable business model or a way to serve more clients in your business. Instead of only focusing on reducing expenses, focus on increasing your sales.

Secrets to Success

Here are a few secrets to keep in mind when using these equations.

Secret #1:

You don’t have to get the entire equation perfect right away. Start by working on adjusting one of the elements by adding in something positive or beneficial.

Secret #2:

Once you’ve got some momentum, it’s easy to ramp up your results by adding adjustments to the other elements.

Final thought of the day:

There is no such thing as a state of perfect balance, there is only the act of balancing.

Okay, I know I’ve totally geeked out here today. Let me know in the comments below a problem you’re having, and how you plan to use the Coaching Math Formula to rebalance your life!