Want to attract more money into your life? In my early 20’s I stumbled upon what I think is the #1 easiest way to attract more money.


Money likes to be paid attention to, to be be cared for and to be used for a purpose. The easiest thing you can do to attract more money into your life is this. Pay attention to all in the money in your world right now.

When I first began working in my early 20’s I didn’t really understand this. I would receive my paycheque from my corporate job, pay my rent and then the rest would just “go”. Have you ever been in that situation? I spent money on food and public transportation, but a lot went to entertainment and evenings out with my friends, clothes, makeup … “stuff”. I didn’t have a lot of bills at the time, but I really didn’t have any sense of where my money was going each week.

I didn’t have any big plans … no big desires, no investment strategies, no RRSP plans … nadda. In my early 20’s I bought a few savings bonds but that was really the extent of my future planning.

It wasn’t until I’d experienced a few financial ups and downs (which in hindsight seems inevitable given my lack of attention to money) that I realized I needed more of a plan and a vision for my money.


My film career was building up and I started to see people around me being more pro-active with their money. My landlord was buying rental properties and fixing them up and it occurred to me that I should buy my own house too. I was tired of paying off his mortgage. Never one to shirk from thinking big, I decided to set myself a huge income goal of $100,000. Then I became obsessed with attracting more money into my life, as quickly as I possibly could.

As they say, the rest is history, because within one year of my declaration of my desire for $100,000 and a house … I did it!


My first house was a huge step forward for me and I loved everything about it, even though it was fairly old for Toronto (built in 1905) and needed lots of work … (usually known as a money pit) … but I didn’t care. It was my home and I poured lots of love, sweat and tears into it fixing it up and making it a gorgeous place to live.

I became much more aware of my money. Incoming, the outgoing, the expenses, all of it. The more I tracked and became aware of all my money the more confident I began to feel around money in general. I began to attract more money into my life. Knowing exactly where you stand with money is so important – even when that position isn’t exactly where you want to be, taking a stand for awareness is really the first step.

Attract more money into your life by simply paying attention to all of the money that is there now!


My money story has it’s highs and lows. Good financial moves and bad ones too. The one key principle I come back to again and again is money loves attention. When things are going great and there’s lots of money coming in, it’s easy to not pay as much attention to the expenses. When things are not going as great, it’s easy to hide the bills or not want to face the debts.

Trust me, neither strategy is a good one.


Money craves attention. If you’ve been ignoring your money in any of its many forms – income, expenses, bills, debts or investments I’m going encourage you to take step one today. Start to pay attention. Open the bills, look at the investments, calculate the debt, track the income. Take a minute and give your money some attention.


Find a great app, create a simple spreadsheet,or go old school and write it all down in a notebook … the method doesn’t really matter.

Attract more money into your life by paying attention to all of the money that is there now!

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